A Brief Introduction

    We are a social justice class at Central middle school led by Mr. Barwin, an amazing grade eight teacher at our school. Our goal is to educate adults and kids in Victoria about the truth of homelessness and the reality of what is happening to people. Throughout the year we have written letters to governments to release prisoners, visited a local homeless shelter, and started writing articles about social justice among other subjects in our own magazine and taken other steps to help make a difference in our world. We will have a link to our magazine on our website. We are a group of twelve students and our teacher. As an intercity school, we have a homeless shelter just across the road which has partly inspired us to make a website to teach people the reality. Our class also studies media and so that's another reason to why we are creating this website. We also have instagram, twitter and facebook pages, with links to these resources on the website. On our website/social media pages we will have content such as photos/stories of homeless people, information for the homeless, information on the homeless in Victoria and much more. We hope that whoever you are, this site/social media site helps you or educates you about homelessness in Victoria.
Thank you for taking the time to look at our website/social media page,
Kind regards,
Central’s media and social justice class 2017-2018.